Introducing Pulse, Grip’s next generation OMS dashboard for direct-to-consumer brands 

At Grip, we set out with a mission to simplify shipping for perishable eCommerce brands so they can focus on what they do best – scaling and creating incredible products. 

Today, we achieved a major milestone in that journey: our groundbreaking new order management system to give you unprecedented levels of insight and control over your operations, all in a single dashboard. 

Traditionally, eCommerce brands have been forced to use multiple platforms or maintain expensive middleware software to handle complex inventory and track product usage. This is a nightmare for most DTC companies and leads to stalled growth, inefficiencies, unhappy customers and lost revenue. 

Those days are over. 

Meet Pulse, a powerful purpose-built dashboard that is centralized, easy-to-use and provides real-time insights to help brands make faster and smarter decisions. 

Next-level insights into your inventory 

Grip’s OMS has been specifically designed for eCommerce brands shipping perishable products like pharmaceuticals, flowers, pet food, and human food such as meal kits, frozen meat, and baked goods. 

The dashboard includes real-time inventory management, batch number tracking for food safety and live carrier tracking data so you can see exactly when your products are in transit.  

In one comprehensive dashboard, brands can monitor daily shipments, track product usage, analyze inventory movement, and assess availability. Grip’s OMS incorporates SKU-specific tracking alongside innovative forecasting features such as “weeks on hand” and “eight-week average,” enabling streamlined inventory management. 

You’re able to see exactly where inventory is distributed, when you have too much of a certain product, and when you are at risk of running out of a popular item. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Grip’s dashboard also includes instantaneous multi-directional updates with Shopify, so you can rest assured that all of the information you’re seeing is up-to-date. That’s all there is to it. No other software, middleware or technology needed. 

“The Grip team really goes above and beyond to customize your frozen fulfillment network to best help you achieve your goals,” said Taylor Ludin, Vice President of Operations at GOLO. 

“There are many third-party logistic companies in the U.S. that charge high prices with very little infrastructure and no customer service, but Grip exceeds where others fail. Grip has an impressive software and is setting a new standard in the 3PL industry.” 

An all-in-one AI-powered logistics ecosystem 

So you’ve finally got a grip on your inventory. But what about fulfillment and shipping? We’ve got that handled, too. 

Our order management system exists inside a powerful AI-fuelled logistics and fulfillment ecosystem that uses advanced modeling to determine the most efficient packaging and shipping option for every single package. 

It’s an end-to-end solution for eCommerce brands looking to reduce overheads and increase oversight into their perishable supply chain. 

Our industry-leading Smart Logistics Engine analyzes 25 million different data points daily to predict disruptions and optimize your packaging. 

Each time you get an order on Shopify, Grip’s Smart Logistics Engine analyzes the size of the shipment, its origin and final destination, carrier performance, on-ground weather conditions including temperature and humidity, and large weather events such as wildfires and blizzards to determine the most efficient packaging option, carrier, and route. 

Grip customers also have access to a nationwide fulfillment network. 

With temperature-controlled warehouses in California, New Jersey, Texas and Florida, our fulfillment network delivers mostpackages within 24 hours and optimizes inventory allocation and route selection according to our advanced AI-models which monitor for disruptions like carrier failures, weather events, and price rises 

This reduces expensive and excess packaging waste, prevents damage, and dramatically increases the likelihood of a package arriving on time and in great condition. eCommerce brands that work with Grip reduce their shipping costs by up to 30% and shipping failures by up to 25%. 

Easy onboarding 

We don’t waste months tinkering with software or different solutions. Brands that partner with Grip are fully onboarded and operational within weeks, allowing you to start seeing savings of up to 30% in shipping costs almost immediately. 

You’ll also have access to our incredible customer support team that goes above and beyond to ensure your brand is personally onboarded and getting the right support. 

This is all part of our desire to help eCommerce brands get a grip on their shipping and logistics and reach their full potential. 

If you’d like to see what the future of eCommerce shipping looks like, get in touch with our team to book a demo today.